I’m a single payer advocate and was one of those people who wanted to kill the Health Insurance Reform (HIR) legislation because it was lousy legislation that enshrined private insurance companies as the means by which U.S. citizens have access to actual health care.

And , besides reading this past week that Congress has no ‘appetite’ for further health care legislation this year (‘well, it doesn’t really go into effect until 2014’) AND that the House is thinking they will not produce a budget (which precludes using reconciliation as a means for getting around the bullshit of 60 votes) AND "How Healthcare Reform Puts Your Money in Wall Street’s Pocket" , I now read this:
"Insurance lobbyists are trying to shape regulations that will define “unreasonable” premium increases and require them to pay rebates to consumers if the companies do not spend enough on patient care."

Surprise,surprise…..NOT when the legislation leaves so many holes in it big enough to drive a semi through.

"More than 40 provisions of the law require or permit agencies to issue rules. Lobbyists are focusing on two whose stated purpose is to ensure that consumers “get value for their dollars.”

"One bars insurers from carrying out an “unreasonable premium increase” unless they first submit justifications to federal and state officials. Congress did not say what is unreasonable, leaving that to rule writers."

Now how many times has the SCOTUS decided what the lawmakers intended because the wording of the legislation was NOT clear about the intent of the language? Keeps the lawyers, courts, and judges employed does it not?

"Senator John D. Rockefeller IV, Democrat of West Virginia, said the definition would be just as important for consumers and small businesses.

“The health insurance industry has shifted its focus from opposing health care reform to influencing how the new law will be implemented,” he said."

And we all know just how much the Congress and the Obamarahma Admin pays attention to the people as contrasted to those who line their campaign coffers don’t we? So chalk another one up for keeping the lobbyists fully employed.

"Thus, insurers are lobbying for a broad definition of quality improvement activities that would allow them to count spending on health information technology, nurse hot lines and efforts to prevent fraud. They also want to include the cost of reviewing care by doctors and hospitals, to determine if it was appropriate and followed clinical protocols."

Now they want to have taxpayers subsidize THEIR -the insurance companies- efforts at increasing their profit margins by paying the salaries of the people the insurance companies hire to turn down physician specified treatments and drugs.

"Insurers and insurance regulators say that some companies will be unable or unwilling to meet the new standards."

Yeah, historical all right.



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