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Late Night: Making Conservatism Comical, Dear Lord, Yet Again

Conservatism, it appears, is being Reinvented, and this is a Fun Thing.

If conservative ideas are dead, as many liberals claim [I deleted the link that was here, we’ll get back to thisT], nobody seems to have told conservatives. Right-wingers believe their ideas are alive and fit for implementation. All that is needed, perhaps, is new personalities and institutions able to market conservatism in the post-Bush era. At least, that is the thinking behind Ricochet, a new online effort that launches in the next few weeks and aims to advance the right-wing conversation in the age of Obama.

Sounds perfectly magical. Truth be told, though, I myself don’t think “conservative ideas” are “dead”; rather, I think “conservative ideas” are “stupid.”

Though of course in at least two ways these are indeed “ideas” that deserve to be taken seriously. No kidding!

First, an awful lot of awful idiots are making a lot of money talking absolute shit (viz. Goldberg, J.), and as soon as there’s a lot of money involved, pay attention.  Second, these “ideas” are incredibly dangerous and bad for America — for evidence of same, see 2000-2008, et passim. It’s all fun n’ games until you actually have to try running a country.

Which makes it pretty damn weird to call this class of new wingnut stuff cool and hip and fresh and fly and groovy and, oh, I don’t know, streets ahead:

The distinguishing feature of Ricochet will be its unique format, which promises to look unlike any other site on the net. “It will not be a news aggregator, or a megachat like Daily Kos, but instead will be a feed like Facebook or Twitter or Tumbler,” says James Poulos, Ricochet’s managing editor. Approximately 40 contributors will have an online conversation that is akin to a conservative cocktail party.

Why would anyone want to attend such a thing who were not titless drunk already?

And don’t misapprehend, the major problem I’d have here is that no matter how witty and sparkly this shit may seem, it’s based upon people talking absolute crap whose premises are wildly incorrect. That link I took out above, for instance, about how “many liberals” are saying “conservative ideas” are “dead,” describes a single book by one guy who isn’t even all that especially liberal.

Which is the thing. One of the Right Wing Heroes of these smart new conservatives is gracious enough to allow “what most conservatives already believed: the mainstream media tilts to the left”; another is willing to not take Jonah Goldberg entirely seriously, but is just happening enough to try to get the counterculture to snap their fingers to the bongo beer of Mark Fucking Steyn.

Which is funny, but not as funny as the real joke here — namely, that these numbnuts are a so retro, they’re not hip. Someone already did figure out how to make right-wing ideas hip by the innovative use of new media. We call him “Mr. President.”

Ain’t that a bitch?

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