I know that I will be scalded for this post, but with all of the serious topics being covered by so many very bright and insightful people, I felt like doing something a little lighter. I try to read many blogs and I see the same mistakes being made on all of them, especially where multiple people post. I realize that I am not addressing a matter of life or death, nor of high political or economic importance. There is, however, the overarching fact that our communication is by words written on the screen. I think that to make our communication as precise as possible, we need to have the correct usage of our words. Many years ago, before there was standardized spelling, people spelled words as they felt that the spelling reflected the spoken word. It made for some misunderstandings. Perhaps we are heading back to that situation, especially with texting becoming so prevalent. Until then, we do have standardized spellings, and usage of the words spelled, so I have listed some words that typically get misused. These are words that are spelled correctly, but used in the wrong context.

There has many uses. It could be used as indicating position, such as “over there,” or for comfort “there, there.”

They’re is simply a contraction of “they are.”

Their indicates ownership by other than yourself. “That is their house.”

Toe is used in the phrase “toe the line,” or “toe the mark.”

Tow. This word is used to indicate pulling something, such as “towing a trailer.”

Rain indicates the water that comes down from the clouds in the sky, or a similar occurrence. “See the confetti rain down.”

Reign shows the time a leader is in office, such as a queen. “In the reign of Queen Elizabeth I….”

Rein. This word is the name of the strap that allows a rider or driver to direct an animal that is being ridden or is pulling a vehicle. “The driver can rein in (stop or slow down) the horse.”

To is part of an infinitive, such as to run or it can indicate direction, as in “let us go to the store.”

Too indicates “also” or over abundance “too many.”

Two is simply the number 2.