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Massachusetts is Embarrassed, Humiliated by Senator Kerry’s Disgraceful Climate Fraud Bill

Massachusetts is Embarrassed, Humiliated by Sen. Kerry’s Disgraceful Climate Fraud Bill — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

My Senator, John Kerry, and Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman sold out the American people with their anti-climate Bill. Much worse, they sold out our Earth.

The Kerry-Lieberman Climate Bill is a disgrace. It doesn’t even attempt to slow Global Warming. To the contrary, it seeks to worsen it exponentially. This phenomenon exposes massive corruption in the Senate, and in would-be "environmental watchdog groups." Its coverage spotlights widespread willful ignorance and incompetence among media.

Kerry-Lieberman is pro-drilling and pro-fracking. It pours corporate welfare on oil, coal and natural gas! It empowers fossil fuel companies to give each Senator who votes for it a one million dollar bribe, without missing a thing. Same with the Nuclear subsidy. (Nuclear energy causes Global Warming through its emissions of Nitrous Oxide: N2O is 310 times as strong as CO2.) The Nuclear plants may not even end up being built, but the pork comes right off the top, paid directly to the Nuclear executives who paid for the campaigns of Kerry, Lieberman, Biden and Obama. Old-fashioned Bribery at its most disgusting!

Now, I’m not saying that they would, but the funding is certainly there for both fossils and nukes to give a million dollars to each Senator who votes for the Bill, and the same to every Senator who votes against it, just to make the shell game look convincing. And since the Senators may only be getting a couple of million each, there’s still enough pork in the Bill left over to give one BILLION dollars apiece to sponsors Kerry and Lieberman, plus Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee. The Tweedle Brothers (Biden and Obama) need to be included, because the only way such a right-wing Bill has a chance of passing is if the Tweedles keep up their filibuster charade.

President Barack Obama (D-Daley Machine), Vice President Joseph Biden (D-DuPont) and other Democrats continue to perpetrate this ridiculous lie that they need 60 votes in the Senate to do anything because of the filibuster rule. But Vice President Biden, as President of the Senate, can change the filibuster rule whenever he wants, just like Nelson Rockefeller did twice when he was Vice President.

One would-be watchdog that don’t bark when we need it to is the Unconcerned Scientists. They call themselves "The Union of Concerned Scientists," and I’m on their e-mailing list. I had to ask if there are actually any real Scientists there. They claim that there are. I don’t know why they’re so Unconcerned: The UCS consistently recommends switching from fossil fuels that emit the weakest Greenhouse Gas (CO2) to wind farms that emit the strongest one (SF6), and to solar panels that emit NF3, the second-strongest Greenhouse Gas (GHG). Nitrogen Trifluoride is the GHG that’s increasing fastest in our atmosphere.

Nitrogen Trifluoride (or "Solar Freon," NF3) is 17,900 times as strong as Carbon Dioxide (CO2). It stays in the atmosphere more than 700 years. Sulfur Hexafluoride (or "Air Jordan," SF6) stays in our air more than 3,000 years and is 34,500 times as strong as CO2. If the so-called "Smart Grid" proceeds as planned, SF6 production will double immediately, then quickly double again, then again. And one-quarter to one-half of the SF6 produced leaks directly into the air. The "Smart Grid" is Stupid!

The chemical industry’s trade journals are very open about the extreme dangers these chemicals pose, but environmental groups, the EPA, and alternative media ignore them. And the mainstream networks are clueless.

The United States stands alone: We are by far the most ignorant country in the world on climate change. Less than half of our populace even recognizes the problem. President Obama swooped in at the last minute to crush the Copenhagen climate talks last December, confident that fawning admirers would keep his betrayal there secret from the newspaperless masses.

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