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5 Senators Who Need to Get in the Climate Legislation Game

It isn’t rare to hear about ‘back benches’ in Congress. Generally these are members who, on one issue, or on all issues, don’t make much noise, go with the flow, and try to avoid controversy. In sports, the term "bench warmer" is similar, but rather than a lack of desire to play, bench warmers tend to have a relative lack of skill. In fact, if a member of a sports team wanted to sit out the big plays, I doubt they would be on the team for long. . .

The game today is comprehensive climate change legislation, and there are five Senators that talk some game in the locker room, but when the clock is running, you can’t find them on the field.

Senator LeMieux was substituted onto the Florida team:

"There might have been a time where the jury was out [on climate change], but the jury is in now, and we know this is an issue. We can’t afford to ignore it and be wrong."

With BP dumping oil all over his home turf, you’d think LeMieux would be itching for some action on clean energy. Where is he?

Senator Pryor is no stranger to fans of Alabama. Not only has been on the team since 2003, but he plays the position his father played in the 80’s and 90’s.

"As part of [the effort to move our country toward energy independence], I believe that we must move beyond oil, gas, and coal and focus on cleaner alternatives and new sources of energy, including renewable fuels. Arkansas, in particular, is rich in bio diesel resources…As your Senator I will fight to help Arkansas become a leader in the new energy economy."

If Senator Pryor wants his kids to be able to continue the legacy, he better get on the field and show some hustle.

Senator Voinovich has played most of the positions on the Ohio team. He has been in the game as long as anyone, and this is his final season. He should be thinking legacy, and he has one major rivalry left unsettled.

"Climate change, and how our nation addresses it, is of incredible importance."

C’mon Senator! Are you going to let the rookies address it? Git R Done!

Arguably one of the best players in the National League, Senator Lugar had carried Indiana to victory again and again. He is one of the defense players out there.

"Scientists are saying that climate change could cause human displacement, spark wars around the globe and completely disrupt international trade…We do have an obligation to our children, our grandchildren, the earth to think about these things."

Lugar has been in the game longer than any Republican in the Senate. It isn’t like him to get benched when it matters.

And finally there is New Hampshire’s Senator Gregg who is also throwing in the towel at the end of the season.

"we have a responsibility to take care of our planet for future generations, and climate change legislation will help stem the environmental impacts of global warming and will spur development of new technologies that bolster our energy independence."

Gregg’s legacy is his to shape now. Is he a man made of granite that can do what is best for the Granite State? Or has he grown soft, and resigned to phoning it in for the last few games of his career?

One this is certain, this season is shaping up to be one for the history books. Any of these players can make history – but they can’t do it from the benches.

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