Day 4: Another call came in from the Sea Captain this morning jolting me out of a deep sleep. This story is going to take all kinds of twists and turns so just hang onto your seat and trust me that you are getting first hand information from the most patriotic Americans, Gulf fishermen. So many of these third and fourth generation fishermen, having skills that have been handed down for generations, know the Gulf like the back of their hands. There are two staging areas for the Gulf clean-up in St. Bernard Parish and they are both down the same road. If you have ever been to the area, you know what I’m talking about. One road in and one road out of Yscloskey. Well, this morning, the authorities decided to set up a roadblock to see who was going in and out under the guise of checking for drugs. There were over ten cars of police with the word narcotics written on their shirts checking people’s papers and searching their cars. We’re not sure if they are looking for my Captain and his camera or just trying to make it hard on anyone that wants to help and trying to send a message to those pesky reporter types. If they want people down in the area to help with a clean-up, they better stop with the road blocks. This is the same game they played after Katrina, when good hard-working volunteers had guns put in their faces by Blackwater thugs on a regular basis. What the hell!!! Is this not a national emergency and the prospects of busting a few kids for marijuana or child support may seen like overkill in the eyes of most Americans, especially at a time when most states are on the verge of legalizing pot.

"But here’s the question to ponder today" says Captain Gary. "Isn’t it time to flatten that leaking pipe because there are no other options? The crude is under so much pressure from the mile of water that it is ‘cracking’ which is why we are getting tar balls on shore and a white sheen on the water. Cracking is the process of separating heavy oil, light oil, tar and all gases from the crude. Are these gases not expanding straight up into the stratosphere and creating holes in the ozone (frying the sky) and requiring remedial chemical spraying from 500ft all the way up to 30,000ft? Thus creating the possibility of a trillion dollar lawsuit?"

More tomorrow on offers being made to the fisherman to work for BP. It’s really odd…my friend Eureka and I are heading down to St. Bernard to post live on the scene. Day 5 will be posted at ground zero.

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