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Check Out the New Podcast ‘Gay Street Beat’ (Featuring Me)!

This was my first week as a regular contributor to the new LGBT podcast “Gay Street Beat“!

Be sure to download it free on iTunes and hear all the fun interviews.  This week featured interviews with Darryl Stephens (of Noah’s Arc fame), Pandora Boxx (from Rupaul’s Drag Race), and me!

I talk about the situation in Uganda for LGBT people and the ongoing saga of George Rekers, rentboys, and the Florida Gubernatorial race! Darryl Stephens tells the host what he thinks about gay actors playing straight roles – and if he regrets coming out.  And Pandora Boxx is just her amazingly fabulous and hilarious self.

It was amazing fun to do with host Jim Ver Steeg, so check it out and download it!  You’ll be educated, entertained, and amused without a doubt!

Gay Street Beat‘s mission is “Bringing you a big gay world, one phone call at a time.”

A new voice in gay entertainment, news and information. Each week host Jim Ver Steeg will talk to some of our regular contributors for a national perspective on the issues, entertainment and news we care about.

Be sure to download the podcast!

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