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Food Wednesday: May 12th Castro Farmers Market

Here’s another list of mouth-watering ingredients from our local Farmers Market on Noe Street between Market and Beaver, in the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco. The list is a little shorter today, as we plan a return visit to our even closer neighborhood market at Divisadero on Grove Street this coming Sunday!

Pint of blueberries from Blue Alpine Farms in Stockton

Three baby zucchini from Happy Boy Farm in Chowchilla

Two garlic blossoms from Happy Boy Farm in Watsonville

Pint of strawberries from Serendipity Farm in Monterey

Fresh-made raisin/hazelnut bread from Crepe & Brioche Bakery, 1022 Revere Ave, SF

From the HomeMaid Ravioli Company in South San Francisco:
One pesto ravioli flatbox
One spinach ravioli flatbox
One artichoke and olive pesto
One Mediterranean olive mix, featuring giant olives stuffed with feta (yum, I tried a sample of these at the market, sooooo good!)

So I will also try to have a report from the Sunday Farmers Market this coming weekend as well.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge