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Department of Justice First Response to Health Care Reform lawsuits

Well, here is the first of what will be many installments of legal memos from plaintiffs and the government about the HCR law individual mandate…

You can download the 46 page DOJ memo here…

The short answer is:
1. plaintiffs have no standing
2. plaintiffs will not be harmed
3. plaintiffs should stop whining because the mandate does not start until 2014, and if they have a problem, they can argue with the… IRS (the same IRS that so many veal pen Dems say will not be enforcing the law!!)
4. The health insurers and their apologists wrote a bill that falls apart without the IRS acting as their enforcer, so the courts should not pull out this essential pillar of the bill.
5. not purchasing something is commerce, so congress can regulate everything you choose not purchase, not just what you choose to purchase.
6. you district court, have no power over us… we’re the executive branch!

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