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Audit The Fed Killed by the Progressive Political Movement

An autopsy of the failure to impose a true across the board Audit of the Fed reveals that the homicide was orchestrated by progressive politicians. It seems to be the M.O. of these servants of big whatever. For PHARMA no re-import,no negotiations for drug prices. For the INSURERS 100’s of billions, mandates and keep the anti-trust exemption. For big FINANCE/BANKERS trillions, no accountability, fake Audit,no regulation, Support the status quo, for big OIL/ENERGY no regulation and a little fake indignation to help them to seem as if they were punished.– who needs progressives, give me a break!

Back to the autopsy- The house vote on the REAL Audit the Fed reveals that progressives were by far the the most adamantly against any Audit WATERS, MEL WATTS all the progressives. Then came the progressive White House slithering in with inane justifications for not having a real audit. Finally the Sanders/Dodd progressive duo pulled out the knife and killed it.

That’s what you get from progressives. that is what you will always get from progressives. Thanks for gift in sheep’s clothing.

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