This is some high quality activism  by LGBT union activists to educate the LGBT community about hotel boycotts and union hotels in San Francisco.

About two dozen people milled about the lobby of the Westin St. Francis before breaking into a choreographed song-and-dance adaptation of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, called “Don’t Get Caught in a Bad Hotel.” The activists, organized by San Francisco Pride at Work and other local groups, combined a dancing chorus with a small marching band in an impressive performance that urged visitors to “boycott, boycott, boycott this hotel” because “workers rights are hot.”

Watch video of the action:

This action is organized in anticipation of June’s Pride celebration in San Francisco in an effort to educate the thousands of visitors about hotels that don’t respect workers’ rights. You can learn more about this effort at Sleep with the Right People, a project of LGBT union activists and UNITE HERE. Want to stay at a hotel that respects workers’ right? Don’t stay anywhere on this list.

Michael Whitney

Michael Whitney

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