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Florida, you always come through

Florida Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Bill McCollum (source: Wikipedia)

Look, we all know that at heart the conservative moment lacks one. It has by and large given itself up to ignorance, fear, and shallowness. But still…


…Florida paid George Rekers — the anti-gay leader recently caught with a male escort — $120,000 to testify against allowing gay couples to adopt children, testimony that was deemed not credible by the judge.

Rekers was paid a $60,900 retainer. He also received a $59,793 payment for hourly billing, according to the Department of Children and Families, for 402 hours at about $150 per hour.

Of course, the great thing is it’s not like a lot of “research” was necessary (or was it?) because it had been done before (and had it!).

Rekers also testified on behalf of the state of Arkansas. A two-year legal battle ensued when Rekers billed the state for $165,00[0], more than the state wanted to pay. In the end, Rekers received a $60,000 settlement, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (and Bill Clinton is somewhere enjoying all this).

In both Florida and Arkansas, the judges dismissed Rekers’ testimony as too ideological to be credible.

But Florida, under state AG, gubernatorial candidate and long-time Republican stooge, Bill McCollum had taxpayers pony up every dime (please enjoy his Facebook page before comments get deleted), even for the pages that were mysteriously stuck together.

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