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Primary Obama

1) Shoving DADT down the road
2) Continuing to blunder in Afghanistan
3) gitmo not being closed
4) selling out on healthcare
5) Selling out on financial reform
6) moving the supreme court to the right with Sotomayor and Kagan.

I could keep listing these, but 6 should do for now.

Name me a single promise Obama made that he hasn’t back tracked on? The man ran great guns in the campaign, and for better or for worse, we all bought into it. Even those of us that knew better ended up buying it.

But for all our support, money, and time what have we gotten?

Nothing, nothing but being told us Liberals are "fucking retarded".

We’ve been shafted on every piece of legislation passed, shafted on appointments, shafted on everything so far that this man has done. I’m not going to go into all the minuta as we all read it here everyday.

Obama has proven that he’s a Republican, and as such is not worthy of our support.

So I ask FDL to change themes. As much as I am pro legalization of Marijuana, I don’t think it’s a great use of our time and resources. I would instead like to reccomend something else.

We need to start a campaign to primary Obama in 2012, and we need to start it right now.

The only thing Obama cares about is his job and his legacy. Absolutely nothing else matters to him, and if you think otherwise I have a bridge to sell you. So if we want to hit him where it hurts, this is where.

Because all of our tactics so far have failed. Obama can keep ignoring us can Rahm can keep calling us retarded.

This will be a long drawn out thing. We’re going to be called insane by the rest of the left and closet Republicans. All sorts of nasty nasty names.

I don’t care.

We need to force him to realize he can’t simply ignore us. I plan to vote agaisnt every single Democrat on the ticket this year, but that’s not enough. threatening congress is not the same as threatening Obama himself.

But we need to start right now. Presidental campaigns are amazingly expensive and complicated. I’m positive FDL could manage it, we’re a community of very intelligent motivated people. We just need a plan.

But until we make them realize that they can’t just promise everything to us and then ignore us, we’re never going to get anywhere. Marches, money bombs, everything is meaningless if they can just keep ignoring us.

So it’s time to hit them where it hurts.

Even if we lose, you can be damn sure they’ll hear us, and never doubt that we’re serious again.

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