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Look on the Bright Side!!!

I’ve thought of some bright sides regarding the news that Elana Kagan is Obama’s pick to replace Stevens:

  • If ever SCOTUS needs money, Elana Kagan is a great fundrasier!
  • Imagine how it’ll make Republican heads explode when they realize Hamdan lawyer Neal Katyal may be Acting Solicitor General.
  • Given that Republicans will try to oppose Kagan on perceived sexual orientation, it’ll make potential gay bashing of Vaughn Walker over the Prop 8 trial much less effective and–assuming Kagan is confirmed–potentially counter-productive for the haters.
  • Next time someone has to defend the material support statute before SCOTUS, she probably won’t go so far as saying even lawyers who defend those accused of terrorist related crimes materially support terrorism.
  • Girls. Three of them. On SCOTUS. Just two more to go and we’ll have our fair share.

Got a bright side to the Kagan nomination? Put it in comments.

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