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Late Night: SJC Republicans to Obama, “C’mon, Shake on It!”

(photo: Archie McPhee Seattle)

It’s official: Senator Jeff “Beauregard” Sessions can’t play poker for shit:

While Sessions said that [Kagan’s resume is] “not disqualifying,” he added that “she’s been in the academy most of her life and working in government. I don’t see a lot of hands-on experience with real cases that lawyers developed who practiced for 25 years.”

Citing her previous clerkships, Sessions said, “She comes out of a background that represents I guess an activist approach to law.”

And there is the Republicans’ tell for the world to see. The crime of activism is no longer limited to judges; clerking for judges constitutes aiding and abetting, as well.

But really, come hell or catastrophic oil disasters, the Republicans are not going to get on board with anything, or anyone, that Obama puts on the table. We all know this to be true. Yet time and again, Obama, with his hard-on penchant for “bipartisanship” and “pragmatism” … and that pro-corporate agenda he hides up his sleeve…, insists on ignoring the Republicans’ repeated admissions of intent by showing his hand before he’s even ponied up his bet (if you’ll forgive the extended metaphor).

Some might characterize this behavior as “eleventy-dimensional chess”; I wonder whether it’s not so much cleverness as it is fear of failure. How better to insure that your decisions don’t flop if they never get made the way you “want” in the first place? As has been noted here on more than one occasion, it’s a lot easier to put up a weak candidate or argument and blame the opposition for the failure than it is to take a stand and lose on the merits. We saw this happen with the health care debacle, as Obama, who talked a wicked game, relegated the real decision-making to an aspic-spined Democratic Congress that, even with a super majority, couldn’t choose a cafeteria tray without giving the Republican bullies all its lunch money first. The same shit happened, and is happening, with with finance reform. And it’s all in the name of Obama’s unattainable goal of “bipartisanship”.

This is what our government has been reduced to – an allegedly Democratic President offering up compromise after compromise to Republicans, only to have them swatted away with a scornful laugh. How many more times will we be forced to watch Obama “fall” for the Republicans’ joy buzzer handshake?

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