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So. Anyway….

Perhaps I misjudged people but I didn’t expect the announcement of the nomination of  Elena Kagen to the Supreme Court to be greeted by many good people of the left as if Barack Obama had just shit in their Cheerios.

I have come to expect this from RedState and the other special needs bloggers of the right. That is what they do.  But I just spent the better part of the afternoon reading WAY TOO MANY POSTS about what a horrible woman-hating ethnic-hating freedom-hating not-hate-hating-enough  person Kagan is and I had to double-check to see that she wasn’t Dick Cheney’s idiot daughter which would have been both accurate and understandable.

I guess the argument against Kagan that I truly don’t understand is the “she’s a blank slate” or she’s a “stealth nominee”. If Barack Obama had selected her the same way John McCain plucked Sarah Palin from well-deserved obscurity I could understand people’s fears. But I willing to bet that Obama has spent more than a modicum of time with her discussing court decisions, legal philosophy, and such and such and he has a pretty good idea what floats her boat.  ( I can’t imagine that he asked for  her opinion on, say, Connick v Thompson and she refused because “it would be inappropriate to discuss a pending case.”) The only defense for the empty slate attack is a complete lack of faith in Obama; that he is, in fact, a Conservative Republican. And that is just nuts.

Obama came into office promising change and people clutched that to their breasts and ran off in every direction thinking that their pet liberal/progressive cause finally had a champion who would make everything all better overnight. But sometimes change is gradual and, now sixteen months later, he is unacceptable. Quite frankly the country Obama inherited is a fucking mess and, while I’m not entirely thrilled with everything that has gone down under him, I’m willing to cut him some slack.

So, have a little faith. This is not the end of the world. Pick your battles wisely and, seriously: chill the fuck out. (Again)

(Update): Oh Jesus Fucking Christ. Earlier today I got into a little scuffle by being “unpleasant” again in a Seminal diary which  advocated primarying Obama. Needless to say: dumb. Now I go back and see what the brain trust has come up with:

HOT THOUGHT: If Feingold loses his reelection campaign this year, he could be a possibility. He could then run saying that Obama/Rahm have really hurt the party and that the presence in foreign wars is all wrong.

He’s smart and a good politician/speaker. He’s also much brighter than Obama. But as I note above, he’s also a party creature. He’s ultra loyal to the Democratic party and it is doubtful that he would ever challenge Obama.

Moreover, if he loses his senatorial race, he’d be a great pick for the Supreme Court. Obama likely would neutralize him by picking him to the court.

Convince the guy who can’t even win his own state running as the incumbent to run against a sitting President of the same party. This is a good idea.

I’m assuming this was written by the love child of Mark Penn and Dick Morris. You know: Bob Shrum.

(Update to the update because that is how Greenwald does it): I think this is central to my point.

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