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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Karzai’s Chemical Warfare Against US Citizens

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Karzai’s Chemical Warfare Against US Citizens
Afghan President Karzai and his brother distribute nearly all of the world’s Heroin. Karzai Heroin is now the leading cause of death for people under 30 in the Northeastern US, killing over 4,000 people annually in Massachusetts alone. — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")


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HORSE MAN-Norman B-Deviations from the Norm
Published on YouTube August 21, 2009 | 462 views

Rachel Neulander of medicinesocks did a phenomenal job on this video. Images illustrate the Wars in Afghanistan, the Heroin toll here and elsewhere, misery for money in general. With another rigged election just under our belts, this time in Afghanistan, this video has optimum timeliness & relevance. The music was performed, arranged, engineered, produced and recorded by Rob Connelly of Northampton, Massachusetts.

In October 2006, in regard to an air strike killing about 70 Afghan civilians, Gen. David Richards said that "in the night in the fog of war, mistakes were made."

General Dostin, famous for War Crimes including massacring POWs, just returned to Afghanistan to campaign for his partner in crime, former Oil executive President Karzai. An Afghani journalist reported to Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! that voter turnout showed record lows and that on the ground everyone was well aware that this election was rigged and corrupt. The U.S. Military arrested several Journalists for their reporting on the election. Women in Southern Afghanistan were forbidden to vote. Ballots for the incumbent were illegally cast in their names by their male relatives. At the polling sites, there were shootings and even a few hangings of alleged dissident voters. Not exactly a democratic process! And what is our involvement? Obama has dubbed this a "necessary war". We can only wonder why.

HORSE MAN by Norman B

Why, why, why, why greet ye sae sair?
For we fear we’ll feel Liberty ne’er namair.
Fearst thou how fast fierce fascist force hath grown the man?
We fear who or what won the war with Afghanistan.
Whatever won that war against Afghanistan
Is now waging chemical warfare against the American.
You see, the Taliban ransacked religious art, and burnt the poppy field,
Then, U.S. intelligence took over the export and brought us a heluva deal
On heroin pumped into American arms in tiny towns that never had it before,
Killing kids there, dropping dead off their high horse, a hundred per cent pure.
Yes, whoever won the war against Afghanistan
Is conducting chemical combat against the American,
As when Iran-Contra coup carried crack to Watts:
"Let’s lock’em up or turn’em into torturing robots!"

1,2: Middle English. "Why do you cry so sad … never, no more"
0,3,10: Horse and the man are slang for heroin.
7-12: The "U.S. takeover" shot Afghanistan up to #1 heroin exporter,
and shattered small-town America’s heroin-death records.

Original Lyrics & Melody (p)(c)Oct. 31, 2004 Norman Schulerud Bie, Jr. All rights reserved. (All rights REVERSED?)

Rob Connelly recorded and engineered this song in his home. First he laid down the bare scratch rhythm. Then I sang my lyrics. After that, Rob did all instrumentation, effects, adjustments and enhancements. Rob, the idea man on this collaborative effort, started the song with an Afghani tribal national chant, played on traditional instruments, superimposed over military marching drums. Producing the CD took 2 months to complete. Rob played bass, guitars, keys, percussion, flutes.


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