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Deconstructing Myths of America: Pepe Escobar pt2 Why we fight bogus holy wars

Pepe Escobar, in a May 8, 2010 AntiWar Radio interview with (the other) Scott Horton, answers, again, the trillion dollar question: why are we fighting bogus holy wars in Eurasia? It’s the dominance, dammit!

Last time I commented on an AntiWar radio interview, I expressed dismay that their Scott Horton (not the law professor who writes for had asked, Why are we even in Afghanistan? I asked, hadn’t he been reading his Pepe Escobar? Another commenter pointed out that SH had previously interviewed Sr. Escobar. That only compounded my dismay.

What’s it all about? The dominance!

ANTIWAR RADIO’S SCOTT HORTON: What’s it all about? It’s not about nukes, Pepe, what is it about?
ASIA TIMES ONLINE’S ROVING EYE PEPE ESCOBAR: You’re totally right, the whole thing is not about nukes. The whole thing is about full. spectrum. dominance. And having a beach head in Iraq, and controlling an extremely important regional power. The relationship, ever since Khomeini took power, has been mega-antagonistic. They had a puppet, they lost their puppet, the Shah, they need that oil and gas….

It’s still about who’s going to rule over Eurasia.

Sr. Escobar goes on to identify the perp behind the plan: Dr. Zbig Brzezinski, who misconceived the insanely hubristic doctrine of full-spectrum dominance.

Why are we fighting bogus holy wars in Europe and Asia (wars of occupation count: we have nukes all over Europe, right up to Iran’s own borders)? It’s the dominance, dammit! The publicly-announced cover stories will be fixed around ZB’s plan. That’s why they’re essentially myths. But that doesn’t make them lies.

"The sky is made of luminous blue jello." That’s a lie, a distortion of factual and verifiable circumstances.

"The US must dominate Eurasia, to protect our position of sole superpower." That’s a myth. See how it offers unspoken insights into a way of being in the world, namely, as gods among mere mortals? ZB’s plan involves terrorizing the planet into submission. Why should they bother with winning hearts and minds, when they can just blow them up and out of the way?

The fact that that strategy has always failed miserably doesn’t faze them one bit. War is the way they believe the world to have been made to work. Kinetic activity is the very hand of god, they believe.

In East Asia, a perfect example can be found in the plans of the USMC for a new base (as reported April 26, 2010 by the New York Times here; h/t to Edward Teller). There aren’t enough islands in the archipelago of Japan for us, we actually plan to build an island just to occupy it. And we plan on spending decades doing it.

That’s a perfect metaphor for Pax Americana under full-spectrum dominance. "DoD is GoD. You will submit! You have the freedom to do and think and say exactly what we tell you to. Only "evil-doers" ask questions. What are you, some kind of evil-doer, too? Show me your papers, please."




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