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Obama Administration Profiteers Getting Filthy Rich On Oil Explosions

Obama Administration Profiteers Getting Filthy Rich On Oil Explosions
In a Massive Conflict of Interest, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates & Mideast Envoy George Mitchell have made Billions of Dollars on Wars & Warmongering over Oil. — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

Every time fighting erupts over Petroleum, and every time an Oil pipeline is bombed, the result is less usable Oil in the world, causing upward pressure on prices. Each of these explosions amps up the portfolios of all Oil investors, including Oil-Drilling magnate Robert Gates, the Bush family, the Cheney family, the bin Laden family, the Saudi royal family, the Governments of Iran and Russia, and Oil Billionaire George Mitchell, President Obama’s Middle East Envoy, one of the world’s wealthiest men, according to Forbes and Fortune.

Last summer Mitchell’s business partner Frederic Bourke was convicted of Bribing the President of Azerbaijan for control of its Oil. (Formerly Soviet territory, Azerbaijan is a small republic in the Caucasus Mountains, between Russia to the Northeast, Georgia to the Northwest, the Caspian Sea to the East, Turkey and Armenia to the West, and Iran to the South.) Azerbaijan’s Government and people did not want keep sending Oil to Russia, as they had done for more than a Century. On the other hand, they knew they couldn’t trust the Obama Administration after its attempt to illegally obtain the Oil. So they made a deal to sell it to neighboring Iran, angering the powerful George Mitchell. Mitchell flew in for face-to-face talks with Pres. Obama. They both emerged warmongering against Iran, claiming that its Nuclear program threatened international stability.

A Big Deception: Hiding the fact that Nuclear Energy is merely a very expensive method of boiling water for power; and that the only way Iran can afford to spend a fortune on boiling water is if the US keeps buying Oil, thus propping up its price and funneling billions of dollars to Iran. Oil industry critics have cautioned since the 1970s that the US intends to invade both Iran and Iraq to take their Oil as other sources dry up. But unfortunately, as British General Bernard Montgomery, 1960s US comedian Mort Sahl, and the 1987 movie The Princess Bride warned: The first Rule of Warfare is "Don’t Start a Land War in Asia." That is, unless you’re invested in Oil, then it doesn’t really matter how many wars or warriors the country loses, as long as we pump up the price of Petroleum.

September 1, 2001, with White House photos and all, Pres. George W. Bush welcomed Robert Gates, the Oil-Drilling millionaire, as his special adviser. Then, after the World Trade Center attack a few days later on Sept. 11, Bush named him to be the first Secretary of Homeland Security, but he turned it down because the move would have required him to divest from Oil Drilling. But as President Eisenhower noted in his Military-Industrial Complex speech, people who flow back and forth between Industry and Government inevitably start wars & conflicts to profiteer on them for their "former" cohorts. And so it went with Gates: He had to "divest" on paper when Bush appointed him in 2006 to head the Defense Department, by far the world’s biggest buyer of Petroleum. Since then, Drill-Baby-Drill policies of Bush & Obama have made his companies billions.

Gates was part of the Iraq Study Group, which many call the Didn’t Study Group because of its boneheaded conclusions. That commission was formed by the US Institute of Peace, which includes lots of Oil execs, Gates and Condoleezza Rice among them. The "Institute of Peace" also counts at least one active US General in its ranks. Trusting them to find peace is like trusting BP to clean up an Oil spill

Maybe the Obama Administration’s Conflicts of Interest led to the Gulf of Mexico’s BP gusher, and to the much larger one that started nine months ago in the Timor Sea. If our Government were really trying to protect us, it would try to stop that gusher too, but the Timor leak has done so much to enrich George Mitchell and the business partners of Robert Gates, that the Administration has apparently decided to just let that one run, as long as the press keeps it quiet.

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