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Worst. Sponsor. Ever.

Has anyone ever been less supportive of their own legislation than Lindsey Graham?  First he withdrew his support for the Kerry-Graham-Lieberman climate bill because Democrats wanted to move on immigration reform first (and really, what better way is there to protest that your bill is getting short shrift than to sabotage it?), and now he’s come up with an even better reason to oppose it:

Mr. Graham, Republican of South Carolina, said that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico had heightened concern about expanded offshore drilling, which he considers a central component of any energy legislation….


“[W]e should move forward in a reasoned, thoughtful manner and in a political climate which gives us the best chance at success. Regrettably, in my view, this has become impossible in the current environment.”

He concluded, “I believe there could be more than 60 votes for this bipartisan concept in the future. But there are not nearly 60 votes today, and I do not see them materializing until we deal with the uncertainty of the immigration debate and the consequences of the oil spill.”

So first he wants to kill the bill rather than let Democrats delay it, and now he wants to delay it rather than expose the offshore drilling provision to an unfavorable political climate where it might get stripped out.  Lindsey’s strategy for fighting for his bill sure looks an awful lot like obstructing it.

Maybe he’ll change his mind on the indispensability of offshore drilling if toxic glop starts washing up on Myrtle Beach, but probably not.  It seems to be a Republican article of faith that anything that fails spectacularly is something we need a lot more of (see also: tax cuts, financial deregulation, lax gun laws, George W. Bush).

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