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Lieberman “Clarifies” TEA

Don’t you wonder who named the TEA citizenship-stripping bill, Joe Lieberman or his co-sponsor Scott Brown?

It sounds like Lieberman thinks the Department of State will know which Americans overseas are training in terror camps to attack us and can therefore be stripped of their citizenship and their right-to-return. I was unaware of Hillary Clinton’s clairvoyance in this regard, but I suppose I should have paid closer attention during the 2008 primary wars.

Stripping an apprehended suspect of citizenship rights will give "us" a choice, Lieberman says: try him in a federal Article III court (where the United States obtains one conviction after another) or try him in a military tribunal (where two of the three fellows tried are now free).

So, yay, citizenship-stripping! More work for American military commissions, which yield freed terrorists 2/3 of the time, as opposed to actual trials that put convicted terrorists underground in SuperMax federal prisons for life.

Whose side is Lieberman on, again?

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge