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Blackwater Orders US Troops to Kill Marijuana Possessors: Mission Accomplished! War Crime?

Scahill’s report on Democracy Now! May 4, 2010, included some details which deserve headlines of their own:
Blackwater Orders US Troops to Kill Marijuana Possessors: Mission Accomplished! War Crime?
Jeremy Scahill reports Blackwater/XE Ordered US Forces to Kill People Blackwater Suspected of Possessing Cannabis in an Air Strike. The US Complied, in an Apparent War Crime Atrocity. Harvard Business School Helped Pay For It & Cover It Up. — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")
The US Military, in our names, carried out these murders. Think about that. A Mercenary Terrorist corporation is allowed to order our Military to murder people for Possession of Marijuana. If Blackwater orders the US Military to kill US citizens in this country for Marijuana Possession, will the troops comply, or will they know that they owe their loyalty to the citizens, not to a for-profit Mercenary Terrorist corporation? Do our troops need special training to prepare them to defy such orders, no matter who they come from?
Scahill also played recordings he’d obtained of Blackwater/XE CEO Erik Prince discussing War Crimes and Atrocities that his Mercenaries had committed with members of Harvard Business School’s Young Presidents’ League, on condition that all there conspire to cover it up.
It’s significant that Afghanistan is the world’s leading producer of Cannabis, far ahead of even Mexico. Only 20 miles squared of Opium grows on the entire planet, legal and illegal, but Marijuana is grown throughout Afghanistan, and nearly everyone there can be suspected of possessing some, including the Americans. Can this Obama-Gates policy of allowing Mercenaries to murder people for Possession of Cannabis be used justify Blackwater ordering our troops to Kill all Afghanis?

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