The Kent State shootings were not the result of irresponsible and trigger-happy guardsmen. They fired their guns into the volatile environment for a precise reason. Agents of the FBI shot at them, and provoked them to respond. I first became aware of this by reading Lew Rockwell’s post on his blog called “Kent State Killings Triggered by FBI Agent Provocateur.”

Rockwell writes:

Thanks to a friend (who works for the government), who notes that we now know that “an FBI agent provocateur fired the first shots at National Guard soldiers, who then killed four students, according to newly declassified FBI records. Remember, belief in conspiracy theories is always a mark of insanity.”

The article that Rockwell sourced was written by James Rosen called “New light shed on Kent State killings,” that was published in The Washington Times. You should read the article in full.

Rosen concludes the article by saying:

At a minimum, the FBI documents strongly challenge the received narrative that the rioting in downtown Kent was spontaneous and unplanned, that the burning of the ROTC headquarters was similarly impulsive and that the guardsmen’s fatal shootings were explicable only as unprovoked acts.

The FBI files provide, in short, a hidden history of the killings at Kent State. They show that the “four dead in Ohio” more properly belong, in the grand sweep of history, to four days in May, an angry, chaotic and violent interlude when a controversial foreign war came home to American soil.

I’m not sure what other newspaper or major media channel has reported on this shocking new development. But I don’t think the story will be on the front pages of the New York Times. CNN will not run a headline about it. Nor will Fox & Friends discuss it tomorrow morning. It’s too devastating. The picture it paints is clear and ugly. These new Kent State revelations prove that the U.S. government is more corrupt than even so called “conspiracy theorists” think it is. US government agencies are lawless, unaccountable, and so outrageously tyrannical. They deserve no defense, no benefit of the doubt, no credit; the FBI and the CIA deserve to rot in history’s hell, along with the secret police and intelligence agencies of other 20th century totalitarian regimes, Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia.