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Echo Chamber at Msnbc..Echo Chamber at Msnbc…Echo Chamber at Msnbc

Last evening (Wedneday May 5th) I watched the Ed show, Chris Matthews Hardball, Keith Olbermann’s Countdown and the Rachel Maddow Show.(missed the Dylan Ratigan show) While the echo chamber that takes place on MSNBC has hit me before when I sit down and watch four or five hours in one sitting. This echo chamber phenomena hit me hard last evening. On all four news programs they went over the New York Times Square bomber Faisal Shehzad bomber story again repeating what we have all ready heard over and over again. All four of these talking heads reported basically the same thing about the ongoing oil leak disaster taking place in the Gulf. Now I am not saying that we do not need to hear reports about these critical issues. But four hours of basically the same reports spun a tiny bit differently on each program.

I ask Ed, Chris, Keith, Rachel and their producers. Please open up your news gates. Are you incapable of reporting about the details of what is going on in Iraq? Afghanistan? What about our returning soldiers? What they are facing? Chris Matthews when will you broadcast from Walter Reed again? The numbers of dead, injured and displaced in Iraq? The Israeli Palestinian conflict? While most of us are well aware that this critical issue continues to be basically off limits on your programs. Come on you keep driving us to the blogs.

Enough of this MSNBC echo chamber. You folks repeat that you want a better informed public. Get on it. Do your jobs. Shine the light on other critical issues.

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