Clicking on this picture will cost you $100,000

Sarah Palin, who briefly held a civil service job, had Randy Scheuneman facebook-write an endorsement of Carly Carlyfornia even though Carlyfornia once sniffed her elitist nose at the snowbilly grifter. But now they are BFF’s and all is forgiven in a show of solidarity between two people who each received a lot of money for being very very bad at their jobs.

This did not sit well with potential California GOP bronze medalist Chuck DeVore who had his spokeswhatever, red-headed Mexican Josh “Tacitus” Treviño, issue a sneery press release pointing out that he didn’t want Sarah Palin’s stoopid endorsement anyway because it probably has cooties or something:

There’s no doubt that the Fiorina campaign, led by consultants almost wholly ignorant of — and in some cases hostile to — the modern conservative movement, actually does believe that Sarah Palin de facto “delivers” conservatives to her camp. This is a huge misreading of that movement that starkly illustrates just how divorced Carly Fiorina is from the men and women who animate it. Despite running as a self-proclaimed conservative, her approach to conservatism is that of an old-style anthropologist in a strange land: she joins the alien culture, and seeks to identify with it by appropriating its totems.

So Fiorina is, like, a space alien who wants to anal probe conservatives with one of the big poles with birds and shit carved on it.

I think this is what that wheelchair guy was talking about. The A-hole one. No, not Charles Krauthammer. The other one.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....