People with far too many extant brain cells on their hands may recall this diary from November, where I noted that Bill Clinton and George Bush would be sharing the stage at this week’s Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) for a thrilling Keynote conversation, moderated by BIO’s director. I advised attendees to take proper prophylactic antiemetic precautions.

I checked the BIO web site a couple of weeks ago to see if the event was still on and couldn’t find any press releases promoting the doubtless pricey ex-Presidential confab. I could only confirm that it was still on by going through the preliminary motions of registering for the convention and scanning the event schedule.

Yes, it was still on, and it took place yesterday, causing jammed traffic patterns throughout downtown Chicago.

As the indispensable Ed Silverman of the industry blog Pharmalot reported, the keynote address was closed to media. I’d love to hear a pirated recording (although I doubt it would prove remotely as revelatory as the involuntarily disembargoed Erik Prince talk, reported on Democracy Now! yesterday).

BIO pushed a puffy release last night over Business Wire, offering these juicy quotes: “Biotech can play a big role in how we produce and consume energy,” said President Clinton, passionately. “We need to incent research and aggressively encourage investment [in biotech],” said President Bush, brilliantly.

There you have it. Oh, and Al Gore addresses the convention today. Also closed to prying eyes and ears.



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