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NRSC Ad Claims Lee Fisher Masturbated While Unemployment Grew (Really)

I don’t see much point in commenting on Web-based attack-ads from partisan political committees. Their penetration into the marketplace is almost nil, and the spin they offer comes out in other formats anyway. But I have to confess to some surprise at this ad from the NRSC about Ohio Democratic nominee for US Senate, Lt. Governor Lee Fisher.

The backstory here is that there was a movie called “Swing State” about Ohio and the 2006 elections, directed by the son of Lee Fisher. Needless to say, the Lt. Governor candidate gave his son plenty of access, and there was one scene where Fisher was interviewed shirtless, writing a campaign memo about messaging.

So the NRSC takes that shot and alters it and uses it to intimate that Fisher spent the last four years jerking off, and his inattentiveness caused a meltdown in the state economy?

Really? That’s the message? Aside from the idea that Lee Fisher alone was responsible for the destruction of the financial sector, the NRSC thought it’d be a solid attack to basically jerry-rig a masturbation video?

If Democrats do manage to salvage something out of this election cycle, it will be because their opponents are just utterly pathetic.

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David Dayen

David Dayen

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