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Live Stream of the Cat Food Commission: LIVE NOW (11:30am EDT)

The Cat Food Commission – President Obama’s working group on the deficit stacked with people who want to cut social security and medicare, leading senior citizens to revert to eating cat food to get by – begins its first weekly meeting today on Capitol Hill.

While the group’s monthly meetings will be live streamed, it’s largely for show; the bulk of the group’s work will be carried out in weekly meetings held behind closed doors. As David Dayen reported yesterday:

But although the White House promised transparency and full public hearings for all fiscal commission activities, Executive Director (and former DLC head) Bruce Reed told Congressional officials today that the working groups would not be streamed over the Internet or open to the public.

There’s a fiscal commission operating partially in secret, without transcripts or recordings, planning to drop recommendations on Congress in the middle of a lame-duck session, with each leader in the House and Senate promising a vote on the recommendations.

So if the group’s work will be carried out in secret, activists have to find another way to show what’s happening to social security and medicare behind closed doors. That’s why the good folks at Social Security Works are standing outside the closed doors, live streaming the doors and who comes in an out. You can watch the live stream here:

You can see the first live stream from this morning here; the feed will go live and turn off throughout the day, so check back here for live and recorded videos.

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Michael Whitney

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