"Most Israelis have no idea. They won’t travel to East Jerusalem. They certainly won’t go to the crossing point…What you have is a country that has become hermetically sealed from the issue and the problems. And if you believe that you can have peace without a peace agreement, then that’s good, and you go with it, but this situation is not going away. It may well be that it will be there for decades and decades more, but in the process, something has happened that is a serious affront to the idea of a good Israel that I believed in when I first started this work some 35 years ago.

[Long pause.]

I’m very leery of the word apartheid. Bishop Tutu says it’s apart-hate, as in hate. Israel was not created as a racist state. I do not believe Israel is a racist state. But cross the Green Line and you will see so many of the accoutrements that the South Africans placed to control their — what they believed to be their hostile population. Roads for whites only. Roads controlled at every pass. Roads controlled by fences and guards."

Over at Mondoweiss.

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