If you live in Ohio or elsewhere please take the time to call five people that you know and encourage them to vote for Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner to be the next Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate. Today is the Primary in Ohio.

Jennifer’s latest words for us at her website www.jenniferbrunner.com

"Vote for Integrity
by Jennifer on 05.04.2010

I urge you to exercise a right that students at Kenyon College waited nearly 10 hours for in 2004–the right to vote. It amazes me as Secretary of State how priceless this right is to Ohioans. And it’s demonstrated time and again by people who go to extraordinary lengths to make sure their vote–their voice–is heard: the friend of mine who drove back to Columbus from Toledo when she remembered she had forgotten to mail her absentee ballot, or the friend who texted me to find out what her uncle in the hospital could do to be able to vote today, or the young man whose father flew him back to Ohio from New York in 2004 when his absentee ballot did not arrive on time, or the dying wish of a friend that her nursing home room mate vote at this election.

This primary election is one where voters must request a party ballot to be able to vote for any candidate–not a great system by 21st century standards, instead, a vestige of party and machine politics of old that could use some reexamination. My opponent has tried to take advantage of my holding an office in which I must protect a fair and accessible election system, yet abide by laws that need modernized. Some have fallen for his poll-tested, recycled Republican rhetoric. Others have not. This kind of negativity does not help us nominate or elect our best and brightest. That’s why I ask you to vote FOR the candidate you want to see in office and not AGAINST either candidate.

Recently, my opponent has engaged in a political smear of my honoring my duty to not take a partisan stance after the primary election, regardless of the outcome. As Secretary of State I am often required to take stances for the integrity of our elections and to protect Ohioans’ voting rights. Our election system is better for it. As a U.S. Senator I will carry out my role with this same kind of strength, dignity and objectivity, because courage is needed in public office today.

So, please, vote FOR the candidate you wish–and most importantly, please vote.

Thank you for your support."




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