An article in the April 4, 2010 Parade magazine by former NY Times reporter Ralph Blumenthal, describes the last vestiges of the hunt for former Nazis in the US. The OSI’s (Office of Special Investigations) Eli Rosenbaum has been pursuing old Nazis since 1988 and became the agency head in 1994.

Rosenbaum was quoted as saying "Part of me believes we obtained more justice in our last years because pursuing these cases at such a late date sends a powerful message: If you’re guilty [of war crimes], you can reasonably expect to be pursued for the rest of your life."

The OSI has most recently been apprehending and prosecuting some Rwandan perpetrators of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi tribe by members of the Hutu.

Once the nine remaining Nazi cases are completed, the OSI will be merged with a different human rights enforcement division in the Department of Justice.


So, my next question to Mr. Rosenbaum is: Are you going to pursue the torturers in the Bush Administration with as much vigor as you have pursued the Nazis? And if not, how can you claim that the US has any credibility in the area of human rights?

On second thought, I guess the answer would probably be no. As to the reasons why – I suspect that the alleged terrorists choice of religion may have something (or everything) to do with it.

Side note: Every whacko fear-mongering idiot in this country is breathing a sigh of relief that the Times Square Bomber turns out to be one of those brown, Muslim guys (never mind he’s a US citizen) from one of those terr’rist countries over there where we were supposed to be fighting them over there so we wouldn’t have to fight them over here.