Senator Mary Landrieu received more campaign funds from BP than any other member of Congress.

You’ll find that Senator Mary Landrieu has been noticeably absent from the spotlight in the last few days. She’s been forced to duck and hide so to speak. Not sure why, she knows the BP officials better than any of the Louisiana politicians. The oil spill in the gulf of Mexico is a great opportunity for her to rethink her "rough around the edges" oil and gas policy. As her brother takes office as the new Mayor of New Orleans, he has vowed to make some changes. Former mayor Marc Morial said "Mitch has a great chance. … a great opportunity to build bridges in this community, a great opportunity to forge a new direction."
This oil spill disaster could be a great opportunity for Mary Landrieu as well. Have not heard anything from the Louisiana Black Caucus on the oil spill. Makes you think Black politicians don’t care about the environment.

It’s time for Louisiana to wake up and see the big energy picture. Oil and gas is dangerous and dirty. Tons of cash involved but it is way past time to scale back the offshore drilling. Until the safety issues are properly addressed. Landrieu might say Nuclear reactors are part of the answer. They are a cleaner source of energy. Make sure there safe. This oil spill is the equivalent of a small nuclear disaster.
Senator Landrieu might push for Nuclear power next. Her partners at Entergy will love to hear that. Just make sure the nuclear reactors are not thrown up in poor communities, creating environmental injustice issues.

A report released by Center for Responsive Politics reveals that Senator Mary Landrieu received more campaign donations from BP than any other member of Congress in the last election cycle. Individuals or employees of BP gave close to 18k to Senator Mary Landrieu’s election campaign.

A roster of BP executives contributed to Landrieu’s campaign in recent years, including the current president of BP’s U.S. operations, Lamar McKay.

According to campaign finance reports, McKay donated $1,000 to the senator’s 2008 re-election in a single donation given in November 2007.

McKay’s predecessor is also on record for contributing to Landrieu’s re-election. Robert A. Malone, who stepped as president in early 2009 to make way for McKay, gave $2,300 to Landrieu in a single donation that was filed just three days before McKay’s.

Other BP executives to donate to Landrieu’s campaign include Margaret Hudson, a BP America vice president ($1,100); and Benjamin Cannon, BP America’s federal affairs director ($2,300)
It’s difficult to serve two masters. Senator Landrieu’s oil and gas safety record has been questioned a great deal in the last few weeks.
In her defense a Landrieu spokesperson said "Campaign contributions, from energy companies or from environmental groups, have absolutely no impact on Sen. Landrieu’s policy agenda or her response to this unprecedented disaster in the Gulf," Saunders wrote. "The Senator is proud of the broad coalition she’s built since her first day in the Senate to address the energy and environmental challenges in Louisiana and in the nation. This disaster only makes the effort to promote and save Louisiana’s coast all that more important."
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