We’re almost there.  Over 800 entries and three nights of semifinal voting later, these are the slogans that the community has chosen as the finalists in our “name our pot campaign” contest:

Just Say Now
Just Say No – To Prohibition
Vote Green
Stop Supporting Cartels
Marijuana Never Stole Your 401k
Liberty. Legalize Marijuana
Prohibition; Stupid Then, Stupid Now
Stop Funding Criminals. Legalize Marijuana
Marijuana: Pass it
Prohibition Kills
Campaign for Sensible Cannabis Reform
End Prohibition Again
Legalize Marijuana
Grass is Greener

The recent passage of Arizona’s Immigration law was triggered by a drug-related shooting.  The war on drugs is the other side of the immigration coin, as Markos says:

There are two broken policies here — the immigration system, which desperately needs reform, and the drug war, which is costing people their lives and essentially turning Mexico into a narco state in order to irrationally keep people from smoking freakin’ weed.

The immigration problem is not going to be solved until the war on drugs stops.  Thanks to everyone who entered the contest and displayed their amazing creativity to help bring it to an end.  Please help us choose the final first, second and third place winners for our contest:

Final Round – Name That Pot Campaign

We’re down to the final round of voting in our contest to name Firedoglake’s marijuana legalization campaign.

Use the form below to vote your 3 favorite campaign names.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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