Don Blankenship Launches into Conspiratorial, Anti-Union Screed on Local TV

Don Blankenship

Don Blankenship selectively likes cameras.

Massey Energy CEO doesn’t like unions. Not breaking news, I know, but it was made ever more clear by Blankenship himself as he launched into a conspiratorial anti-union tirade on local televsion in West Virginia this weekend. He also claimed Jay Rockefeller is “evil.” A few of the choice excerpts:

Massey CEO Don Blankenship said in a weekend TV interview that “evil people” have ascended the ranks of power in the United States and implied Sen. Jay Rockefeller was among them. […]

“I think about how evil people can be and how misplaced their priorities can be and unfortunate it is that people that can reach the level of senator or president or representative or head of the union – how wrong they can be,” Blankenship said. “But I’ve seen a lot of it over my time.”

Blankenship wasn’t content to just say that unions and their supporters are “evil.” No, he decided to go after the president of the Mine Workers union, too.

Blankenship also shot back at United Mine Workers President Cecil Roberts, a longtime critic of Massey’s operations, which are only about 1 percent unionized.

Roberts told a U.S. Senate committee last week people “at the very top” of Massey knew what was going on in the mine, which had a history of safety violations. Roberts suggested criminal prosecutions.

Blankenship said Roberts can say what he wants, “but it doesn’t change anything.”

“It’s really sad, because Cecil has no more idea what happened at UBB than I do, and it’s political agenda – he’s, you know, it’s almost like Goober or Barney on an ‘Andy Griffith’ running around, ‘Citizen’s arrest,’ or something,” Blankenship said.

Blankenship also criticized President Barack Obama for getting most of his advice from “the union element.”

Don Blankenship is in a hole, and his solution is to blame unions and keep digging. Have fun down there, Don. We’ll pull you out when you need to serve your time.

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