Per the prodding of poster "librty" I’ve setup a location branded as Petronobyl (located here for blogging news, editorial, photos, video, etc. related to the erupting manmade crude-oil volcano beneath the Gulf of Mexico.

The quickest, easiest way to get it up and running was to back it with Blogger (Google’s blog hosting service), the one downside to this is that I have to manually add authors by sending out an invite through the system.

If you’re at all interested in contributing and/or cross-posting on this oil disaster, or any other oil disasters (past, present, or pending), then please send a message to with your intent to do so, and I’ll make sure to send you the invite, so you can be added to the roll of contributors.

Note: I will not disclose your e-mail address, include it in any forwards, nor supply it to any kind of campaign or marketing efforts. If I didn’t need to send the invite I wouldn’t ask for it at all, and have no fixings on providing it to anyone else who may ask for, or benefit from, it.


Nathan Aschbacher

Nathan Aschbacher

I'm a business owner in the fields of IT and business strategy, and have a strong interest in solutions-based policy built on empirical evidence, and validated through logical analysis. I am neither right, nor left. I am a functional ideas advocate.