On This Week last Sunday, George Will managed to get two headbashingly callous, venal and stupid comments out of one single breath of air:

It’s hard to see what’s worse — his blowing off the deaths of 29 coal miners, or his trying to minimize the environmental disaster of the deep-sea oil volcano formerly known the Horizon offshore oil well by claiming that more birds will be killed daily by wind turbines than by the oil volcano. (Will is of course wrong about that: Studies show that modern wind turbines take out far fewer birds over the course of a couple of years than feral cats do in one week.)

Will seems to have been, at least in part, parroting a rather ill-advised NYT editorial (or perhaps the same corporate entity was supplying similar talking points to each of them) on how we need the oil for which eleven men have died, with the entire Gulf Coast fishing industry soon to follow, just as we "need" the coal for which the 29 miners died. Dean Baker tees off with righteous anger on this meme, pointing out the bogus assumptions behind it.

Will Baby Shill needs to pack it in before he starts sounding like Roman Hruska.

Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman

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