Just when the Gulf Coast thought they were safe from any further Bush/Cheney predation comes this Halliburton/BP spillage. Bad enough the Bushies allowed New Orleans to drown almost five years ago and then barely rebuild. Now livelihoods and lives are to be destroyed anew. In ways complex and not yet understood, the Gulf may not be the only body of water affected — could this toxin spread through the Straights into the Atlantic and befoul the eastern seaboard?

If BP, self-policed by Bushie MMSers, can’t cap this disaster (not a spill, it is a spilling: ongoing, ever-blooming, like an undersea volcano of sludgy petroleum) then we may yet see four Valdezes a week from it. For one, or two, or (maybe) three months.

Deepwater Horizon has, yesterday, surpassed Valdez.

Put two oilmen atop our federal government, dear SCOTUS, and this is your/their legacy: dead gulf shores, dead mammals and invertebrates, the poisoning of a seabed that supplies one-third of America’s seafood, dead sea birds. Lives and livelihoods ruined.

I wonder if this catastrophic contingency ever came up during those Cheney Energy Task Force meetings in 2001?

Deepwater Horizon was the most advanced seaborne drilling rig of its kind in use in America, by a captive-regulated industry with no mitigation plan in place for failure, no contingency plans that even approach in total what’s happening every 24 hours now, and little comprehension of the potential for disaster. It was a risky undertaking. While Bushie MMSers were doing cocaine off toaster ovens in their offices and availing themselves of extractor-industry-supplied hookers, no one read or reviewed — or possibly even understood — the great catastrophe being cooked up under their noses. Self-policed, self-regulated, self-reporting: the extraction industries knew what was best for themselves and, by inference, for the rest of us. But, really, they are dangerous to children and other living things.

A reverse-Midas team like Bush/Cheney our world has never before seen:

Bush/Cheney’s economic policies turned the world economy to shit.

Bush/Cheney’s racial policies ignored a drowning New Orleans.

Bush/Cheney’s foreign policy melted down Iraq and, in its new hopey-changey wrapper, may yet melt down Afghanistan.

And now, fifteen months out of office, Bush/Cheney’s energy & environmental regulatory and oversight policies are destroying the coast and, perhaps, the entire Gulf of Mexico. Maybe more, depending on wind, current, and the contamination of the Gulf Stream.

Bush/Cheney is the gift that keeps giving, like herpes or untreated tertiary syphilis. You know something’s wrong, you scratch and scratch — but somehow, you cannot cast out the evil.

Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge