So sayeth Peter LaBarbera at the hatefest this Saturday in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

The specific phrase, "Righteousness is more noble than tolerance" came near the end of this four and a half minute imprecatory prayer against both tolerance and gay people. Watch this vile speech if you can stomach it:

This hatefest was organized via this website:

And just for kicks, a look at just a few names on the committee for this event:

Dr. James Dobson

Randy Forbes (Virginia)

Trent Franks (Arizona)

Louie Gohmert (Texas)

Steve King (Iowa)

Cliff Stearns (Florida)

Dr. Jerome Corsi

Troy Newman,
Operation Rescue

Dr. Allen Unruh,
Tea Party Coordinator

Dr. Frank Wright,
National Religious Broadcasters

Wendy Wright,
Concerned Women for America

I wonder if they know about this guy: Eric Alva

That’s Eric Alva, the first seriously wounded soldier in the Iraq War in 2003. Gay Eric Alva. He came out after he separated from the service.

I wonder; is the Christian Fundamentalists Righteousness more noble than Eric’s missing leg given in service?

My answer to those sitting congressmen, swiftboater Jerome Corsi, the usual fundy crowd and the men at Concerned Women For America is simply this: