Here are some tips to use if you find yourself face to face with a neocon tea partier and how to counter their arguments once and for all:

1. Obama is a socialist, marxist, communist!
Counter: Rebut by telling them that his policies are benefitting corporations and that if Obama was a socialist, then why didn’t he take over the food companies, the drug companies, and any other corporation you allege he took over.

2. Obamacare is a government takeover of healthcare.
Counter: Remind them that the insurance companies still have their monopoly status and that they will benefit from the mandate (which is a bad thing). Remind them that Romneycare and Obamacare are one and the same.

3. Obama=Hiter
Counter: I really wouldn’t rebuke them on this one because this argument is so childish, but remind them that Hitler actually had his thugs kill people and that Obama has never done that. Other than that, I see no reason to debate these clowns.

4. Obama is a Kenyan, Muslim, Terrorist, etc.
Counter: Even I would not try to reason with these fools on all these issues, but if you must, remind them that Hawaiian officials have seen the certificate and have pronounced it legit. Attempt to remind them that Obama has been a christian his whole life and that Obama is not a terrorist. I doubt that they will change their minds, but at least try to reason with them.

5. Bush was a great president!
Counter: In this one, give them reasons and cite specific details as to why this statement is a no-go. They’ll attempt to counter your argument, but always come back to the point that Bush expanded government in the last 8 years. Good luck with this one.

Now, there are more arguments they will attempt to dish out, but with this you can understand how these neocons, for a lack of a better word, think. Good luck with your attempts to educate these neocon tea partiers.



I am a libertarian who supported Ron Paul in the 2008 elections and I intend to support him in 2012. I am an open minded college student who has joined atheist, socialist, and feminist organizations to understand their message and to convey my message of liberty in an effective manner. I am up for debate but I always know when we can reach common ground. I live in West Texas and have lived here for my life. I love to listen to progressive metal like Dream Theater, thrash metal like Metallica and Pantera, but I love to eat all sorts of food that tickle my taste buds.