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Late Night: And Jesus Said, “I Say to You, Lock up the Scientists”

Omigod! TITS!

Fred Clark wants to know what the heck “conservatives” have against “empathy.” Fred has a way with words that I admire; he gets to places I can only get to after several dozen f-bombs. This is good stuff:

I get that there was an initial clutching-at-straws desperation that led some reflexively anti-Obama Republican spokesmen last year to get carried away, pretending that the necessary and foundational virtue of empathy was being put forward as some kind of “legal standard.” But after this initial desperate assault on the Golden Rule, you’d have thought the Republican Party would have regained its footing and its senses and began walking back from its ridiculous embrace of sociopathy.

But no. The Republican Party remains officially opposed to the Golden Rule. Proudly so. Creepy and weird.

And also explicitly, by definition, evil. Proudly so.

That’s not an accusation on my part. That’s their chosen slogan. Creepy and weird. Weird and creepy. What the hell sort of person would join an anti-empathy party?

I had Fred’s point in mind as I contemplated more recent developments, specifically this one — Virginia’s new Attorney General deciding that a Smart Use of Taxpayer Money involves burdening a state university with a frankly crazy witch-hunting subpoena because he does not like what a particular scientist said about human-caused climate change.

Now, VA’s AG is very much into God. So much so that he is against the idea that Justice isn’t wearing a Revere-ware bra:

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli apparently isn’t fond of wardrobe malfunctions, even when Virginia’s state seal is involved.

The seal depicts the Roman goddess Virtus, or virtue, wearing a blue tunic draped over one shoulder, her left breast exposed. But on the new lapel pins Cuccinelli recently handed out to his staff, Virtus’ bosom is covered by an armored breastplate.

When the new design came up at a staff meeting, workers in attendance said Cuccinelli joked that it converts a risqué image into a PG one.

Ha ha here is a funny joke: fuck you.

Ah hell. What Fred said. Go read that last link. I’m not entirely sure I agree with everything he says, but you should be reading his blog anyway. It’s as good an explanation as for why the hell a belief in god ought to correlate with a belief in the need to persecute scientists — a faith in which Cuccinelli after all has many co-religionists — as I’ve bumped into so far, anyhow.

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