Arizona, take off your rainbow shades

Professional Outrage Monger Abe Foxman, who is the Bill Donohue of the Jewish Church Without A Pope, does not like it when other people horn in on his action:

Cartoonists rely on iconography. Symbol is ready metaphor, and not just such trite-and-true staples as donkeys and elephants and American eagles. No editorial toolkit is complete without the darkest of symbols — the emblems of evil that never lose their emotional impact. The KKK hood. The noose. The swastika.

When employing the most vile of emblems, editorial cartoonists sometimes mine the embedded power for hyperbole. So it is that the Anti-Defamation League might have presumed New Jersey cartoonist Jimmy Margulies was being hyperbolic when several days ago, in reaction to Arizona’s new immigration law, he drew Gov. Jan Brewer’s state as the mustache of Hitler.

Point made. But powerfully. Arizona puts the “AZ” in “nAZi.”

The ADL, however, took issue with Margulies’s metaphor.

“We are seeing these offensive and inappropriate Nazi and Holocaust comparisons come to the fore in the public debate once again. We saw it in the health care debate, and now we are seeing it with Arizona,” said Abraham H. Foxman, the ADL national director, in a statement released Wednesday.

Abe is very proprietary about Adolph Hitler and Nazis and such and such and nobody else is allowed to talk about them, so just stop it you guys.

No. You aren’t allowed to refer to Arizona as Aryanzona either, because Abe Foxman does not appreciate your gentile humor either, so just cut it out….



Yeah. Like I would tell you....