31 May 2010

IDF has a blog! Meh. Too Jewish, didn’t read.

Until the IDF dropped in on the Gaza Food Folks & Fun Flotilla (without bringing so much as a nice loaf of marble rye as welcome gift) we had no idea that the IDFers had a blog. Awesome! The IDF Spokesperson blog is kind of like Contentions but with less

31 May 2010

The Ever-Changing River: Thoughts as I Approach Graduation

As I approach my high school graduation, I’m looking just beyond the river bend, but still a little apprehensive of how the water is changing me and everything familiar to me.

31 May 2010

Israel Receives Overdue Wrath From The World

Israel’s murder of 19 innocent humanitarians has backfired greatly. There is no turning back the clock. Murder was committed in front of a global audience.

31 May 2010

Late Night: Thinking About What’s Missing

Bruce Springsteen’s “You’re Missing” pays beautiful homage to the pain of life’s losses.

31 May 2010

In Memory of Candy

It’s Memorial Day, and while still using my day off to move to a new apartment, drink beer, and shop at Home Depot, I’m also going to pay respect to a friend of mine who was killed in action while serving with me in Iraq last year. Israel Candelaria didn’t

31 May 2010

Memorial Day Memory Hole: After Israel Forgets “Exodus”, White House Forgets “Shores of Tripoli”. Will Obama Remember NATO?

Last night, Israel’s leaders and commandos forgot the past Leon Uris drew upon for his fictionalized celebration of their nation’s creation. The IDF’s witless, merciless repetition of their nation’s pre-history ensured predictably tragic consequences for the humanitarian flotilla attempting to penetrate Israel’s deadly Gaza blockade. As of this writing, the IDF are reported to have killed up to twenty and wounded scores more civilians aboard the unarmed flotilla. In this lethal campaign of attacks on unarmed vessels in international waters, Israel’s leaders and armed forces aped the the British Navy’s successful prevention of the Exodus’ attempt to break the British blockade of Palestine in 1947.

31 May 2010

Watercooler – Will BP Survive?

It goes without saying that the primary concern with the BP oil spill is the environmental and economic devastation that is being wrought on the Gulf Coast. Nonetheless, this catastrophe will also be significant in that it could spell doom for one of the world’s most powerful corporartions.

31 May 2010

I think I am a progressive

I think I am a progressive, but I have a few questions.

31 May 2010

Remembering Soldiers with Invisible Wounds

On this Memorial Day, I hope and wish that all our soldiers now at home and those who’ll come home soon can expect the same. Remember them, and remember that they need you now and for a very long time to come.