Hard to be snarky with this looming environmental nightmare bearing down on us and all. So we’ll just take you to the links without delay:

• I can’t argue with one thing in Marco Rubio’s campaign memo on the state of the race. He’s right: Crist is in an extremely disadvantageous position with the burdens of incumbency but none of the benefits. And Rubio and Meek will rise as their name ID rises. That doesn’t make Rubio a lock, but it does make Crist a lame duck, for all intents and purposes. Howard Dean shot down that “I support Crist” rumor, by the way.

• We had a second oil rig capsizing today in the Gulf of Mexico. So far, there are no signs of fuel leaking, and the rig was on its way to the scrap heap.

• As the oil slick runs ashore, the pictures of oil-coated birds have begun to add a tragic angle to this disaster. These photos of the initial rig explosion are even more impactful.

• The right is freaking out over their precious “Drill Baby Drill” strategy going up in smoke. The Rush Limbaugh conspiracy theory is the best example of this. Bill Maher had the best rejoinder: “Every asshole who ever chanted ‘Drill baby drill’ should have to report to the Gulf coast today for cleanup duty.”

• Ginny Brown-Waite, citing health problems, becomes the 20th House Republican to retire this cycle, or 11.2% of their entire caucus. But the Brown-Waite seat is probably in safe Republican hands.

• Read Zach Carter on the Wall Street reform bill, and where it lacks. Note in particular the de-fanging of the Lincoln derivatives piece that ended up in the bill.

• Twenty-one states will operate their own high risk pools as per the health care reform bill, while 11 others will shift that duty to the federal government. The $5 billion earmarked for these pools for people who cannot access private insurance is woefully inadequate and has become a major issue in the states.

• Sarah Palin is just rewriting the rules of how to deal with the media: give access only through Facebook and Twitter, and if they want to cover one of your speeches, make them donate to an anti-choice site.

• Hey, so it turns out public workers make less than their private counterparts in every state in the union! It’s as if the attack on the “wealth class” of public employees was entirely created out of whole cloth by conservatives in a proxy attack on government!

• The police sweeps in Arizona have begun. Predictably, it was administered by xenophobic sheriff Joe Arpaio.

• Greece has agreed to an austerity package as a condition of their bailout, while private German investors may contribute, acting in their own interests to preserve the eurozone.

• This is an ugly report about the strength of the Taliban in Afghanistan. What are we doing there?

• Dick Durbin sees nothing positive about the Administration’s foreclosure prevention strategy. It really has been one of the biggest failures of this White House.

• The Democratic streak of winning House special elections could come to an end, but the fact of contested Democratic primaries and boring Republican ones on the same day could help them pull it out. Mark Critz is a very conservative Dem, so I’m not really motivated to care either way.

• The House passed a bill allowing Puerto Rico to chart their own future, as an independent entity or a US state.

• I’ll see your Catholic church sex abuse scandal and raise you a Boy Scouts sex abuse scandal.

David Dayen

David Dayen