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National Faith Leaders Speak Out Against TheCall Uganda & Lou Engle

DC Agenda has moving and powerful video coverage of the press conference held by national faith leaders in Washington DC to protest Lou Engle and TheCall’s planned anti-gay rally in Uganda.  Especially moving is the personal story of the gay Ugandan man who is at the press conference, but has to keep his face hidden out of fear for his life.  

This is why we must keep pushing this issue:

Spectrum Uganda and other human rights groups have also released a statement about TheCall’s plan to export anti-gay rhetoric to Africa.  From Spectrum Uganda, a group committed to affirming the dignity of all people and the right of every individual to a meaningful role in society:


Joanna Watson?The call Uganda coordinator?Tel: +256-779864985?Email:

Dear Madam,

On behalf of Spectrum Uganda in conjunction with Edoboozi Human Rights Defenders Network, we have learnt about your call for a prayer meeting next month taking place in Kampala by TheCall ministries international.

We recognize that morals are part and parcel of any organized society and that freedom of worship is granted by the constitution of Uganda.

However it’s within the same spirit that sexual minorities must be protected as prescribed in the protection of human rights.

Therefore you should not spearhead hate campaigns in the name of faith against same sex relations in the guise of protection of family values and morals in Uganda when you mention homosexuality as one of the vices you fight.

Therefore we call upon the organizers to desist from promoting discriminating tendencies and social injustice meted out on sexual minorities which is common occurrence and to recognize freedom of association and expression in flourishing civil society.


Public Relations Officer

Moses Mulindwa

Spectrum Uganda Initiatives Incorporated

Much more after the jump…As May 2nd approaches, we must keep turning up the heat on Lou Engle and TheCall.  We have already seen that our voices and the spotlight we are placing on Engle is having an impact, but Engle’s released weak statement that is full of revisionist lies about TheCall and its violent anti-gay history is certainly not enough.

TheCall Uganda is built around inflaming anti-LGBT hate and inciting violence.  This goes beyond the “Kill the Gays” Bill.  It is about the life of LGBT Ugandans and their families.  It is about our Ugandan brothers and sisters that will have to live with the increased level of fear and violence that TheCall will create.

Engle and TheCall have called for bloodshed and martyrs at past rallies against homosexuality in this country.  We cannot allow that call to be answered in Uganda.

For more information on TheCall Uganda’s violent history, visit my other coverage of Lou Engle & TheCall: