What’s a border? How do borders function like the skins we’re in?

Here’s a very simple demonstration of the basic, fundamental, foundational mythology, and subsequent socio-psychology, at work here.

What is this?


Is that an absolute, impenetrable, air-tight barrier? Or a series of segments arising in a field?

Borders, like skins, are regions of joining at least as much as they are of separating. Were that not true, we’d be dead already. No, we wouldn’t even have been alive to begin with, now would we?

This is the principle of the semi-permeable membrane. Every cell in our bodies is joined with every other cell by semi-permeable membranes.

Without the ability to move stuff, very selectively, back and forth across the membrane, life itself would not exist. So we have to manage the transport, not imagine we can achieve what amounts to a crime against nature: air-tight borders that absolutely and perfectly separate us from the "evil-doers," who always seem to be located in exactly the same place: "over there."

Also note that, since there is stuff forever in transport, the concepts of "self" and "other" cannot be absolutely and mutually exclusive. Any self-other division is an arbitrary imposition, not an absolute and eternal fact simply "discovered."


I am he as
You are he as
You are me and
We are all together.


The Beatles, I Am The Walrus (1967)


Of course, the Beatles weren’t the first to put this ultimate mystery, of the self-same nature of self and other, into words. It’s at the heart of the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, succinctly summarized as tat tvam asi, thou art that.

So, for example, when a child asks, "What’s that?", the ultimate answer is, "Child, thou art that. And guess what? That loves that!"

The thing is, we’ve based our conception of being human on an absolute falsehood: the inviolable self-other divide. That right there is the progenitor of every subsequent socio-psychological division.

May I recommend, for those who aren’t there already, regarding the war for the preservation of the illusion of the separately existing ego or soul, that you just get over it?

The trick is realizing, there wasn’t a wall between self and other to begin with. We imagine it into existence, then defend that illusion at all costs.

I hasten to add, since I can hear the misconstruction on its way, all cells have semi-permeable membranes. Absolute divisions, of the type imagined by proponents of the Arizona law, simply do not exist in nature. You’re asking for trouble by trying to achieve an impossibility. We share our borders with our neighbors. That means a relationship based on compassionate cooperation, not belligerent competition. What is this, some kind of nationalist tantrum?

Moreover, these false divides, far too often, result deliberately from the type of malicious myth-making undertaken by FAIR.

(BTW, dear beleaguered readers, this is what myth-busting, aka the social construction of reality through the medium of this shared narrative we’re creating, looks like in real-time. Ain’t it a blast!)