Wingnuts to buy Arizona consumer crap and then go die in the heat

...and then in August it cools down.

In an effort to combat the Mesican-loving socialists who are urging a boycott of the  Hellstate  of Arizona, the Moral Equivalent of the Founding Fathers Who Hated Mexicans Even Before There Was A Mexico are calling for a BUYcott which means that they will endeavor to purcahse important goods and services  from Arizona like …well… okay, there’s ….hmmmmm … Oh, here! Here is some help:

Calls for the BUYcott began the moment the Arizona protesters called for a Boycott of Arizona, with conservative groups were saying, ‘let’s join forces and make our voices heard for Arizona!’ So that is exactly what they are all joining together to do.

Some Arizona business facts:

The state’s leading export category is computers and electronic products, which alone accounted for nearly one-third (31 percent), or $4.3 billion, of Arizona’s total merchandise exports in 2009. Other top manufactured exports that year were transportation equipment ($2.5 billion); machinery manufactures ($1.3 billion); and fabricated metal products ($954 million).

So you could buy, like, a turboprop engine from Honeywell  or a drill press, or ….you know, those kachina dolls make a nice gift. Also,  21Sextury is based in Scottsdale and they know what you like:

21Sextury (aka 21 Sextury, 21st Sextury and 21Sextury.com Productions) is an American pornographic film studio. It also runs a number of pornographic websites. The company was founded in 2003, and has its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona.


The studio and its films have won or been nominated for several awards. It won the Venus Award for Best New Company in Europe in 2004. [5] Footsie Babes was nominated in the ‘Best Specialty Release-Foot Fetish’ category at the 2007 AVN awards. [6] Footsie Babes 4 was nominated for best Foot fetishism Release at the 2008 AVN awards,

This is obviously a win-win for Dick Morris.

But what if you hate brown people but you’re not into foot tomfoolery, heavy equipment or quaint indigenous tchochkes, what can you do to help? Well the people behind the BUYcott (a veritable who’s-that? of well-deserved obscurity) has another smokin’ hot good idea:

Groups and businesses listed below are asking that decision makers purchase exports coming out of Arizona, corporations plan their meetings there, and that families intentionally vacation there this summer when possible

Yes, you should do that.

I mean, sure, going to a place where the average high temperature in July is 105 degrees may sound kind of stupid, but it’s a dry stupid.

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