Pray for our Miners and Families via WVUMC on Flickr

Pray for our Miners and Families via WVUMC on Flickr

Anyone sensing a pattern here? One miner is dead and another is missing after the roof of a non-union coal mine collapsed in Kentucky today.

One of two miners missing after a roof collapse at a Kentucky mine was found dead Thursday, federal mining officials said.

Rescuers started searching the Alliance Resource Partners L.P. underground coal mine after a roof collapse Wednesday. The search continues for a second miner who remains unaccounted for.

The U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration, or MSHA, said the collapse was at the Dotiki Mine in Hopkins County, Ky., about 55 miles south of Evansville, Ind. Rescuers were initially thwarted by conditions in mine, but search efforts resumed after the roof was stabilized.

The deceased worker was found near a mining machine, but rescuers haven’t been able to identify him because his body remains trapped under rock, MSHA officials said.

United Mine Workers union president Cecil Roberts has dispatched union mine officials to the site of the collapse to help with recovery efforts, just as he did with the Upper Big Branch mine explosion.

“Yet again, families in the coalfields are waiting with uncertainty and fear as mine rescuers work to reach missing miners underground, this time at the nonunion Dotiki mine in western Kentucky. The hearts and prayers of all UMWA members and our families are with the families of the missing miners.

“Despite the nonunion status of the mine, UMWA representatives went to the mine site and offered whatever assistance we can provide.”

Mine Safety and Health News also reports that the mine had 25 “falling incidents” last year, in which objects fall from the roof of the 60″ tall mine.

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