May Day! May Day! In DC, Freaky Fundies, Congressmen Will Pray to Lift America’s “Curse”

May Day holds a variety meanings, depending on one’s religion, or lack thereof. For pagans it’s Beltane, the first day of summer, the mid point of the year. Celebrations begin on Walpurgisnacht, April 30 with bonfires and frolicking into the morning, followed by picnics and dances around the May Pole as well as Morris dances, the latter practices still seen today in more secular settings.

Around the world, May 1st is celebrated as International Workers’ Day, which began in the United States to commemorate the eight hour working day and the Haymarket Riots. It’s a day to march in solidarity, to celebrate decent working conditions, and demonstrate for equal rights and living wages for all.

Well, now a group is celebrating May Day as “A Cry to God for a Nation in Distress” and has called for members of the religious right to

gather at the steps below the Lincoln Memorial to beg God to forgive America for having elected wicked leaders like President Obama.

Wicked? Okay the President has broken some promises and isn’t living up to our hopes, but “wicked”? That’s kinda pushing it. I think by wicked, these people mean “Democrat.” Oh and the organizers believe that America is cursed for having “made the choice of death” by electing President Obama.  Somehow I don’t think these people mean deaths of our troops and of Afghan women in taxicabs, either.

The prayer group on the National Mall will be joined in spirit by a dozen or so churches from Guam to Wisconsin and New York, while believers can also join in by watching GODTV or the live feed courtesy of of the American Family Association.

RightWingWatch reports that five members of Congress

Randy “Pray Against Health Care” Forbes (Virginia), Trent “Obama is an enemy of humanity” Franks (Arizona), Louie “Hate Crimes Act is a Pedophile Protection Act” Gohmert (Texas), and Steve “Know Your Enemies” King (Iowa)

are on the organizing committee and will be joining right wing religious leaders in casting out demons from the aspects of modern life  called “The Seven Mountains”: (1) Business; (2) Government; (3) Media; (4) Arts and Entertainment; (5) Education; (6) Family; and (7) Religion.

After casting out the demons, prayers are offered so that good Christians–i.e. this specifically “apostolic,” fundamentalist branch of Christianity–can take dominion over those parts of modern life and impose their (narrow) ideological views, thus the name “Dominionist Christianity.” RRW concisely explains:

May Day 2010 has been organized around the “Seven Mountains” theology, which advocates the complete takeover of every aspect of contemporary culture by modern day “apostles” of Christ. The theology is rooted in the belief that Christians are meant to have dominion over literally everything and is focused on spiritually “invading” seven specific facets of modern life in order to wrest control away from Satan and his demonic spirits so that Christians can put them to use in bringing about God’s kingdom on Earth.

The event was organized by Janet Porter–an activist of  the Religious Right stripe and  a conspiracy theory-promoting radio host–who is a member of presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee’s inner cabal. Whew, we kinda dodged a bullet by not electing Huckabee, huh? Along with religious leaders, members of the organizing committee include

Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins, Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver and Concerned Women for America’s Wendy Wright, as well as “historian” David Barton and more minor-league players like Vision America’s Rick Scarborough and Reclaiming America for Christ’s Rev. Paul Blair. It includes leaders of anti-gay groups and campaigns, like Pete LaBarbera and Prop. 8 leader and Gingrich acolyte Jim Garlow.

The complete list of organizers, along with a nifty tee-shirt order form and discount tours to Washington DC for the event, can be found on the May Day 2010 website.

Here’s some of the stuff on the prayer agenda:

  • Repent for how we have turned from God in Congress and our legislatures — Invite God to direct our lawmaking.
  • Repent for how we have turned from God in our military — Invite God in every area from prayer in Jesus’ name to our military strategies and defense.
  • Repent for how the media has turned its backs on God and the truth.
  • Repent for how they have become activists for evil.
  • Invite God back into the media to guide and direct reporting in a truthful way.
  • Okay, this is seriously nuts! Good for them that they are holding a rally.  Lots of Americans are all for religious freedom, meaning we’re free to practice–or not practice all–any religion we choose; but somehow, I don’t think these folks are really have that sort of religious freedom in mind.

    The only thing that differentiates between these Dominionist wingnuts and oh say hardline, frothing, head-chopping-off  fundamentalists of any other religion–aside from a few minor theological points–that we (currently) have the Constitution keeping fundamentalists from turning America into an intolerant, bigoted, hating-everybody-else, believe-what-we-say-or-else theocracy.

    And wait, there are members of Congress involved in this! WTF? What if five members of Congress went to a rally and were part of a prayer group–let alone were on the organizing committee–praying for the Goddess to be present in our government and the media, asking for America to pray in the name of Cthulhu for the safety of our troops, or participating in a Buddhist meditation event for world peace…

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