Democrats tried once again to bring the Wall Street reform bill to the floor. Republicans once again blocked it by a vote of 56-42. They got 42 votes against it this time instead of 41; I don’t have the roll call, but the 56-42 vote probably reflects one Democrat missing the vote while one Republican – Kit Bond, I think – managed to show up.

UPDATE: As I suspected, the roll call shows that Byrd didn’t vote, and Kit Bond did.

What’s next? Claire McCaskill claims there’s an all-nighter coming:

Plan is to stay all night asking consent of Republicans to let us debate Wall Street reform. I just don’t get why we can’t debate.

Asking consent is different from voting on the motion to proceed. Just one Republican Senator can block unanimous consent. So this is an all-night tactic designed to bring attention to the issue of Republican obstruction. You might call it “making them filibuster.”

Meanwhile, the substantive differences between Republicans and the Dodd bill they keep blocking look remarkably small. So it’s kabuki all around.

UPDATE: Chris Dodd and Richard Shelby are meeting this afternoon.

UPDATE II: Roll Call reports Reid filed another cloture motion last night, which he could give for a vote at 1am Thursday morning.

David Dayen

David Dayen

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