I, for one, am thankful to the t*ts  that our f*ckface media is a bunch of p*ssies who clutch their pearls and rush to protect our delicate sensibilities from the c*cksucking f*cksticks who want to shove their f*cking vile gutter language down the throats of all of the dumb motherf*cking d*ckwad Americans who had previously never heard a discouraging f*cking word in their sh*tty not-worth-a-bucket-of-warm-p*ss lives until today. Also, p*ss, sh*t, c*ck, *ssmunch, and tw*twaffle.

(Disclaimer) Like the mainstream media, I am thankful that my judicious use of the asterisk above will render small children (and most adult Palins) unable to comprehend the more abhorrent words in my post.

Bless their little f*cking hearts…



Yeah. Like I would tell you....